Structure of the Kagyu Monlam text

13 Dec 2022Kagyu Monlam 2022, News

In order to become familiar with the text of the Kagyu Monlam, meetings via Zoom were organised on two evenings. French and English speakers were able to go through the book and see how a day of recitation unfolds.

You could not attend these meetings and you would like to know how to follow a day of Kagyu Monlam?

Watch the video in French

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Text file

This structure follows the explanations given via Zoom, in French, even if some precisions have been made. It is of course possible that changes occur during the recitations.

The pages indicated are those of the 2022 French edition of the Kagyu Monlam book:

Prières des Kagyu Meunlams : la porte d’entrée dans les deux accumulations. Rabsel Éditions.